Readalicious Children's Book Festival

Hugely enjoyable job illustrating children's writers talking about their work at the wonderful Readalicious Festival in Peebles, Scotland. Here's the (slightly bonkers but entertaining; much like his books) Jonathan Meres speaking about his (comparatively normal) World of Norm. Plus my artwork on a washing line at the venue

Read-a-licious Book Festival, Peebles

I spent 2 days sketching writers talking about their craft, answering questions from an eager young audience and reading their own stories. I also sketched a toddler's dance workshop & a sound-making workshop. Readalicious is a lovely festival in a lovely Scottish town where I met some great writers and absorbed the ambiance.

I also held my "Character Creating" workshop ~ the very one you can see below!

My "Character Creating" Workshops

As an illustrator working in the children's market I really enjoy hosting my "Character Creating" workshop. I use fun exercises and a playful approach to draw on children's imaginations, as they create their own creatures and characters through play, experimentation and lively minds. They then pop them into a story invented by themselves. My aim: that an upbeat feeling of achievement is, er, achieved... amid fun & laughter!

I can also explain my own process of illustration and how children's books 'work'. Feel free to contact me on with further questions +/or a quote query.

Waiting for Hockney

Visiting the David Hockney exhibition 'A Bigger Picture' at The Royal Academy of the Arts in 2012 the queue was long long long... long enough to get a good few sketches in.

Edinburgh's Royal Mile

Here I am on the streets of my home city Edinburgh, mingling and scribbling, sketching and overhearing.

Glastonbury 1999

History helmet on... here's some artwork from my stint as official artist at Glastonbury 1999. Unfortunately much of the artwork (which still lives in my head) I produced at the festival either got lost or stolen and never made it to the editor of the on-site newspaper I was working for.